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  Pain Solution Redwood City Pain Management Redwood City Pain Management Redwood City CA
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  Pain Solution Redwood City Pain Management Redwood City Pain Management Redwood City CA


Our Specialty Treatments


Ultrasound Guided Injections in Redwood City CA

Ultrasound Guided Injections

  Acupuncture in Redwood City CA


Hybresis in Redwood City CA


  Splint Fittings in Redwood City CA

Splint Fittings

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Redwood City CA

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

  Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural in Redwood City CA

Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural

Translaminar Lumbar & Caudal Epidural in Redwood City CA

Translaminar Lumbar & Caudal Epidural

  Cervical and Thoracic Epidural in Redwood City CA

Cervical and Thoracic Epidural

Medial Branch Block in Redwood City CA

Medial Branch Block

  Facet Injection in Redwood City CA

Facet Injection

Radiofrequency Ablation in Redwood City CA

Radiofrequency Ablation

  Pulse Radiofrequency Ablation in Redwood City CA

Pulse Radiofrequency Ablation

Sacroiliac Joint Injection in Redwood City CA 

Sacroiliac Joint Injection

  Hip, Shoulder & Other Joint Injections in Redwood City CA

Hip / Shoulder/ Other Joint Injections

Occipital Nerve Injections in Redwood City CA 

Occipital Nerve Injections

  Carpal Tunnel Injections in Redwood City CA

Carpal Tunnel Injections

Stellate & Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks in Redwood City CA

Stellate / Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks

  Celiac Plexus Block in Redwood City CA

Celiac Plexus Block

Splanchnic Nerve Block in Redwood City CA

Splanchnic Nerve Block

  Botox in Redwood City CA


Trigger Point Injections in Redwood City CA

Trigger Point Injections

  Intercostal Nerves Blocks Redwood City CA

Intercostal Nerves Blocks

Peripheral Nerve Blocks in Redwood City CA 

Peripheral Nerve Blocks



Redwood City Ultrasound Guided InjectionsUltrasound Guided Injections

Using injections to treat a variety of conditions, we use ultrasound technology at our office to inject medications such as cortisone shots and joint lubricants. We can also use ultrasound technology to administer local anesthetics to allow better examination, because it anesthetizes painful and problematic areas, allowing them to be examined more efficiently. Ultrasound Guided Injections ensure that all injections are administered to the right location to soothe painful areas. For instance, joint injections need to be injected within the joint space, not the surrounding soft tissues. Ultrasound Guided Injections allow precise injections to the correct location of the body, helping to relieve pain quicker and more efficiently.

Redwood City AcupuntureAcupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of pain relief that involves using tiny needles to prick the skin and other tissues of the body. Acupuncture is used not only to alleviate pain, but to treat other physical, mental, and emotional conditions. These extremely thin needles are inserted into our patient’s skin at specific points of the body, all at certain depths that are all determined by our professionals. These insertions allow energy to flow properly and bring the body back into balance. Acupuncture is great for alleviating pain, reducing nausea, and lessening the level of pain and potential painkillers needed by patients once surgery is over. Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, and cancer treatment related symptoms are all encouraged to try acupuncture to seek pain alleviation.

Redwood City HybresisHybresis

Hybresis can be used as a local pain management by delivering charged water-soluble drugs across the skin. Hybresis is a wireless brand of iontophoresis therapy. We use iontophoresis therapy as a method of delivering medicine and other chemicals through the skin via a small electric charge. Delivering medicine this way helps alleviate pain in certain areas of the body. This is the best way of delivering medicine into the body without using a needle. Patients who have a fear of needles are encouraged to try Hybresis in order to make the delivery of medication and the process of pain relief process run more smoothly and comfortably with less anxiety.

Redwood City Splint FittingsSplint Fittings

Splints are used to support and protect injured bones as well as soft tissue. When you break a bone, your doctor will need to put the pieces back correctly in position. Using a splint allows the bones to hold in place correctly while they are healing. The great thing about splints is that they can be adjusted in order to accommodate swelling or other injuries. Splints regularly come in different shapes and sizes, however, other types are often custom-made, and we are here to help achieve the correct fit for the quickest and most efficient healing time by helping you with an accurate and timely splint fitting.

Redwood City Platelet Rich Plasma InjectionsPlatelet Rich Plasma Injections

For patients suffering from injured tendons, ligaments and joints, platelet rich plasma injections could be a viable option for you. It can play a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue healing. During this procedure, a portion of the patient’s blood is removed, prepared and centrifuged. This process activates the platelets, which are then injected into the patient’s problematic tissue area. Injecting the platelet rich plasma into problem areas releases growth factors that can repair broken cells, improve function, and decrease pain. Platelet rich plasma is most commonly injected into problem areas such as the elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle.

Redwood City Transforaminal Lumbar EpiduralTransforaminal Lumbar Epidural

A Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural is about a 5-10 minute process. The treatment can involve a minor amount of pain, however, in most cases we numb the area surrounding the injection first before the treatment to reduce the pain. We inject a mixture of a long acting steroid, saline, and local anesthetic into the lumbar region of the spine where a nerve root exits. There is a small sleeve of the epidural space that extends out over the nerve root for a short distance. This epidural root sleeve is just outside the spinal canal. These transforaminal lumbar epidurals are also known as root sleeve blocks, root blocks, or transforaminal epidural blocks. The purpose of these epidural injections is to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the spinal nerve root and other tissues surrounding. These injections can help reduce pain, tingling, numbness, inflammation, irritation and swelling in the lumbar area and surrounding areas.

Redwood City Translaminar Lumbar & Caudal EpiduralTranslaminar Lumbar & Caudal Epidural

A Translaminar Lumbar and Caudal Epidural can take 5-15 minutes to perform. This injection procedure is performed to alleviate lower back and surrounding and radiating leg pain. Steroid medication can actually reduce pain from swelling and inflammation caused by a variety of different spinal conditions. During this procedure, local anesthetic is applied to the lower back lumbar area to numb the skin and surrounding areas. Using a fluoroscope for guidance, we slide a thicker needle into the epidural space between the L4 and L5 vertebrae. We then inject a mixture of steroid and anesthetic into the epidural space, helping alleviate and soothe the nerve root pain. This procedure may need to be performed up to 3 times to receive full relief from pain.

Redwood City Cervical and Thoracic EpiduralCervical and Thoracic Epidural

A Cervical and Thoracic Epidural injection may be performed to help alleviate pain associated with inflammation around the nerves of the neck. The epidural space surrounds the Dura, which is the sack around the nerve roots that contains cerebral spinal fluid, cord, and nerves. An injection into this space delivers medication directly to coat the nerves. This epidural injection may be used to treat the symptoms of a variety of conditions that may irritate the cervical nerve roots. A local anesthetic is injected first to numb the area around the neck. Afterwards, a larger needle is inserted into the area of irritated nerves. A cortisone steroid solution is then injection into the same epidural space. This cortisone steroid solution is an anti-inflammatory medication that helps alleviate the local inflammation, which in turn, helps to decrease the associated nerve pain.

Medial Branch BlockRedwood City Medial Branch Block

Medial Branch Nerves are the small nerves that feed out (and often carry pain signals) from the facet joints in the spine to the brain. The Medial Branch Nerve Block Procedure temporarily interrupts the pain signal being carried from a specific facet joint. This procedure also takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes. There are many varieties of conditions that can lead to inflammation of the facet joints such as spinal stenosis or osteoarthritis. Even a car accident injury can cause Medial Branch pain. A local anesthetic is placed in the facet joint area to numb the surrounding tissue. A larger needle is then strategically placed into the Medial Branch nerves and injected with an anesthetic to soothe and relieve pain.

Redwood City Facet InjectionFacet Injection

Facet Joint Injection procedures are normally done to diagnose and confirm if the facet joints are the causing the root of the pain within the body. This procedure takes about 5-10 minutes and can help greatly reduce and alleviate pain being felt in the spine. Healthy facet joints help support the spine while also allowing it to properly bend and twist. These joints can become inflamed because of many different conditions such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or even a car accident injury. This procedure starts when a local anesthetic is inserted into a small region of skin and tissue to numb the areas. Then, we use fluoroscopy to help guide a larger needle into the facet joint. Once the needle is positioned correctly in the facet joint, we insert the joint with a mixture of anesthetic such as lidocaine or cortisone to relieve pain. Facet Joint Injections are often combined with physical therapy for best results.

Radiofrequency AblationRedwood City Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive procedure that normally involves a local anesthetic and mild sedation. RFA can help gradually reduce chronic low-back and neck pain that is caused by the degeneration of joints from arthritis and many other spinal conditions. An electrical current produced by a radio wave is used to heat up a small area of nerve tissue, which helps minimize pain signals from that area. The main side effect of RFA is slight discomfort including swelling and bruising where the injection originally took place. Although each patient reacts different to this treatment, many patients report pain relief lasting anywhere from six months all the way to several years.

Redwood City Pulse Radiofrequency AblationPulse Radiofrequency Ablation

Pulse Radiofrequency Ablation (PRF) procedure is normally around two hours long. It is used to block the injured nerves in the body from transmitting pain caused by different conditions such as nerve damage or irritated nerves. When PRF is applied to a nerve, it affects only the area of the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain. Using the same technique as RFA (Radiofrequency ablation), Pulse Radiofrequency Ablation can offer additional pain relief when other treatments (such as epidural injections) fail. It is the best option for patients experiencing chronic nerve related pain.

Redwood City Sacroiliac Joint InjectionSacroiliac Joint Injection

Sacroiliac Joint Injection is performed to help relieve pain and inflammation caused by Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. Too little or too much movement by these joints can cause aching and discomfort in the lower back and legs. This injection is meant to do two things: First, to determine that the Sacroiliac Joint is the cause of the pain and secondly, to help rid the body of that pain. The skin and tissue around the joint are numbed using a local anesthetic. The Sacroiliac Joint is then injected with either Lidocaine, Bupivacaine, or a Corticosteroid. If this helps alleviate the pain in the joint and surrounding areas immediately, it confirms the source of the pain. Pain relief has been reported to last days, weeks, and in some cases, even months if combined with physical therapy.

Redwood City Hip, Shoulder, & Other Joint InjectionsHip / Shoulder/ Other Joint Injections

Our clinic also offers injections in other areas that may be causing aching, pain and discomfort. Most commonly, areas such as the hip and shoulders are known to cause major discomfort. These procedures all begin with a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding skin and tissues. After that is complete, we use fluoroscopy to confirm the needle is positioned correctly, then inject the steroid determined to help alleviate the most pain. Although every client is different, many patients claim immediate relief.

Occipital Nerve InjectionsRedwood City Occipital Nerve Injections

Occipital Nerve Injections are performed in order to reduce pain and inflammation around the occipital nerves. It has also been proven to reduce pain from headaches, tension headaches, and migraine headaches. The procedure takes only a few minutes. First, the skin and hair on the back of the head (where the occipital nerve is located) are cleaned with an antiseptic solution. After that, we inject the nerve with a local anesthetic and steroid mixture. There is mild pain from this injection but most of the area is numb to reduce the pain from occurring. The steroid injection takes three to five days to see pain alleviation and has been reportedly kept patients pain free for several days up to a few months.

Redwood City Carpal Tunnel InjectionsCarpal Tunnel Injections

These steroid injections can help temporarily relieve painful symptoms caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The steroid injections help reduce tendon swelling and ease pressure on the nerve. Most patients say the level of pain of the carpal tunnel injections would be comparable to the pinch of the needle when getting blood drawn. Discomfort from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should subside within one to three days after the injections, but how long it will last tends to vary on the complexity of the syndrome, many patients say they have not experienced any pain in years!.

Stellate / Lumbar Sympathetic BlocksRedwood City Stellate & Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks

Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks are performed in order to target the Sympathetic nerves in the lower back that are causing pain that shoots down the leg and into the foot. Stellate Ganglion blocks help relieve pain from the Sympathetic nerves in the neck that shoots into the shoulder, arm, and face. Using a needle and guidance via fluoroscope, a needle is injected into the problem area. These procedures can take anywhere from 1 minute to 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the position and desired results.

Redwood City Celiac Plexus BlockCeliac Plexus Block

The Celiac Plexus is a nest of nerves within the upper abdomen area near the aorta. These nerves help control basic nerve function, so the Celiac Plexus Block is performed to help alleviate upper abdominal pain and restore that function. It helps treat Chronic Pancreatitis and other kinds of Chronic abdominal pain. This Injection process can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. A needle is injected into the skin and deeper tissues with the help of a local anesthetic. Once the needle is in the proper position, a local anesthetic, epinephrine, clonidine, or steroid medication is injection. The duration of pain relief tends to improve after each injection, normally lasting a few days.

Splanchnic Nerve BlockRedwood City Splanchnic Nerve Block

This injection of medication helps relieve upper abdominal pain that is most commonly caused by cancer or Chronic Pancreatitis. The Splanchnic nerves are located on both sides of your spine and can carry pain to your brain from organs in the abdomen. Using a local anesthetic, a needle will be injection into the correct area of your Splanchnic nerve. This procedure takes about 45 minutes and can cause significant pain relief.

Redwood City BotoxBotox

In 2010, Botox won FDA approval for the prevention of chronic migraine headaches. Most studies show pain subside in patients for up to three months after receiving injections! Botox injections for pain management can also be used to help arthritis pain in the shoulders, knees, and hips (often caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis). Botox was also successful for patients with back pain, and nerve pain. This procedure starts with Botox injections into the muscle that is the source of the pain. It inhibits the muscle movement and contractions, thus preventing recurring pain and discomfort. In 2001, a study found that 60% of patients who received Botox injections for back pain had relief for up to four months!

Redwood City Trigger Point InjectionsTrigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections (TPI) is a valuable option for treating pain in patients. It is a procedure performed to treat aching areas of muscles that contain trigger points (lumps of muscle that form when muscles do not relax). These muscle bulges can often be felt underneath the skin. Trigger points often irritate the surrounding nerves, causing chronic pain that often shoots to other areas of the body. This procedure is performed by inserting a small needle into the trigger point. The injection contains local anesthetic, saline, or even a corticosteroid. This injection allows the problematic trigger point to become inactive and, in turn, alleviate pain. These injections only take a few minutes and can greatly alleviate pain and discomfort.

Redwood City Intercostal Nerves BlocksIntercostal Nerves Blocks

The Intercostal Nerves are located under each rib. The Intercostal Nerve Block is the procedure in which we inject a steroid or other medication into these nerves. The injection helps reduce swelling and inflammation around the Intercostal Nerves, chest wall, and ribs. Often, Herpes Zoster or Shingles Pain in the chest is treated with this procedure. This injection only takes a few minutes and with the help of a local anesthetic the effects happen within 3-5 days and last for multiple months.

Peripheral Nerve BlocksRedwood City Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Peripheral nerve blocks are performed by injecting a local anesthetic near the nerve (or nerves) that control sensation and movement to a particular area of the body. The injection will temporarily numb the area. Peripheral Nerve Blocks are normally performed for surgeries of the upper and lower extremities or for surgeries occurring around the neck area. It gives an alternative to general anesthesia and in some cases, for patients with different medical issues, these nerve blocks are considered safer than general or spinal anesthesia.

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